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Why Your Skin Should Be Added To Your Detox Diet Plan

Why Your Skin Should Be Added To Your Detox Diet Plan

55We all know how our intestines, kidneys, and liver help to rid our bodies of toxins. These are the main organs we are mindful of when we think of a detox diet. But we forget that our skin also plays a huge role in detoxing our body.

Your skin, the largest organ you have, is made up of 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and lastly the subcutaneous fat. These layers combined create a water-proof, barrier so that toxins may not enter your body. Being that the majority of toxins are water soluble, your skin blocks out toxins that may be in the water that you bathe in or swim in.

There are hundreds of types of bacteria on your skin right now, as you read this article. (And to think we are suppose to love the skin we’re in!) But not all of them are bad. Staphylococcus Epidermis is a “good bacteria” responsible for keeping all of the “bad bacteria” on our skin in check. Without good bacteria, our skin would be ruled by bad bacteria, which in turn would damage your skin and ultimately aid in toxins entering your body.

It’s very important to maintain healthy skin, especially during your detox diet. We all know to wear sun block when exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, and to wear gloves when dealing with toxic products. But like everything else, it’s not about what you know, it’s about what you don’t know. Swimming in a pool containing unbalanced chemicals and smoking cigarettes can also damage your skin. J. Greg Brady, a dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology Associates, says that when you smoke, your skin gets less of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. You definitely don’t want to make it harder on your body to do its job.

Your skin plays a huge role in your detox diet. Which is why it’s recommended to to be included in your detox diet plan. Skin is a one man army in sense that it can heal itself when hurt, while still doing its job of blocking toxins from entering your body. Be careful to avoid toxins and always keep your skin properly nourished with vitamin C, sulfur, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Fun Fact: Did you know that sweating is one of the most effective ways our body rids itself of toxins? Scientist estimate that sweating can remove about a third of the toxins our kidneys can!

Liver Detox

Liver Detox

54Liver functions:

Blood Filter

It filters the blood that comes from the digestive tract before moving it on to other areas of the body. It ensures that nothing harmful from the intestinal blood infects the blood in the rest of the body. This makes the liver one of the most important organs of the body.

Protein Production

The liver makes proteins that help maintain the volume of blood and also produces a clotting effect of the blood.

Glucose Production

The liver stores and processes carbohydrates, proteins and fats and turns them into glucose. The glucose is then used throughout the body. This is how all the healthy nutrients (and the bad chemicals in junk food, too) are processed and used in the body. Some of the glucose that is stored in the liver is used as a source of energy. When you start exercising, you have to use up the glucose stored in the liver before you can start burning the fat.

Bile Production

The liver creates bile, a secreted acid that helps digest and absorb fats and certain vitamins. It is closely connected to the gallbladder and intestines by a system of ducts. The bile is stored in the gallbladder until the person or animal eats. Then it is secreted into the intestines to help with the digestion of the food.

Biochemical Filter

The liver acts as a filter, eliminating harmful byproducts of our bodily functions. Bilirubin and ammonia are produced from the breakdown of red blood cells and protein. These are harmful biochemical wastes that are eliminated by the liver. The cells of the liver are spaced out and act like a filter. They catch the toxins and convert them into a less toxic form, and then they expel them through bile and urine.

Filtering Toxins

The liver also filters out harmful toxins that come from external sources. It processes harmful drugs and alcohol. This is why alcoholics and people who drink and take drugs often get some type of liver disease. It also filters out harmful germs and bacteria from the blood.

Liver Detox

Emotional interpretation of liver detoxification

Is the (emotional) need to clean things in our lives that keep us moving (obsessions, bad habits, negative thoughts, etc) we need a more positive perspective of life, for creating the emotion for liver detoxification

Phytotherapy for the detoxification of the liver

Milk Thistle, Artichoke leaves, Dandelion, the Bold, the Mint and Salvia are an example of plants that support good liver function, which is extremely useful for debugging.

Nutrition for liver detoxification

For liver detoxification for further assistance, a good practice is fasting or cleansing diets. Fasting should be done under the supervision of a health specialist and consists on eating only water for a specific time of day, as appropriate.
Cleansing diets may consist of excluding from the diet for the duration of the detoxification of liver: meat, fish, milk, coffee, snuff and stimulants and any refined food.

The mono-diet of fruit juices and vegetable broths are also helpful and are more manageable than fasting.

Within the fruit would highlight the apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes and persimmons.
Among the vegetables, artichokes, chard, onions, escarole and radishes are among the most notable.

A very effective remedy for liver detoxification, involves taking on an empty stomach, one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with a splash of lemon. If we keep this mixture in the mouth for one minute to make it, that when mixed with saliva, that our body absorbs it better and also that we feel better.

The seaweed is always a frontline ally as they tend to capture the toxic and promote their removal from our body. Alkalize our blood pH, which purges, always becomes very acidic, toxins are being eliminated and he reassures us many nutrients. The Kombu and Spirulina are the most effective, yet are easier to get.

Externally for liver detoxification

Cabbage leaves crushed and placed on the liver area (we can cover them and hold them with a cloth and gauze) help reduce inflammation.

According to color therapy, the fact wear green garments also help us.

Other tips for liver detoxification

Sulfur, in the form of trace element, is a great liver cleanser.

Vitamin C, like the Sulphur acts as an antioxidant thus helping to fight free radicals, the source of many imbalances in our body.

The S-Adenosyl methionine (SAM), glutamine, Hill, superoxide dismutase, alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl-cysteine are also a variety of nutrients that can help to detox the liver (the doctor or specialist will tell you the dose and which we agree)

To purify the liver we choose some dates that we have vacation or less work than the rest of the week, and a quiet place and time are very important at this time.

A sauna or steam bath is helpful to get rid of your body of toxins. Beware if you are making a total fasting or blood pressure is not at normal rates (specialist advice).

Drink bottled mineral water abundantly for our body to expel toxins more easily.

If constipated, you can ask our herbalist or specialist plants in our case we agree. Constipation makes our body becomes more intoxicating slowly. In many cases an enema helps to “unlock” the body.

What to be considered for the liver detoxification?

Just keep in mind that many times to start a cleansing cure may receive what is called “healing crisis.” The body tries to get rid of the toxic and sometimes it does through fever, diarrhea or stools abundant and smelly, gas, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, headache, mucus, body odor, very dark urine, skin rashes, etc….

(This of course does not mean that we will have everything, in fact many people do debugging and just have symptoms but in case we have any that we know is common)

In very powerful cleansing may be a very curious phenomenon that is the Law of Hering. Is that old symptoms return bad old diseases cured and the body now gives us a new opportunity. So that person with psoriasis and was asthmatic for years and took many medications now may have, temporarily, some symptoms of asthma. Then go away and that is when your skin can improve a lot and often poorly cured the previous problem led to another problem (as in this case psorisis)

The homeopaths are the most active in this line.

Please note

A cure cleansing is a very serious issue that we can bring a great improvement in our health but it should be under the supervision of a physician or trained natural therapist and to be able to interpret the symptoms of healing crisis.

In all cases we recommend checking with your doctor, therapist or other qualified health provider. The information contained in this article is for information purposes only.

Detoxification With The Amethyst Biomat

Detoxification With The Amethyst Biomat

53The Amethyst Biomat has proven to be an amazing FDA approved medical healing device for natural detoxification in your own home. This is like having your own preventive medicine so you don’t have to go to the doctor!

As the Amethyst Biomat helps the body to cleanse and detoxify, some users will experience one or more symptoms of detoxification- sometimes referred to as a ‘healing crisis’. These symptoms may include more frequent bowel movements and urination, slight nausea, mild headaches, various discharges, mucus, skin breakouts or acne. As the body receives a constant stream of light wave energetics that it needs to strengthen itself, the body’s vital force increases. This enables the body to liquefy accumulated waste and toxins that have been lodged in the tissues, cells and organs of the body for many years, and to eliminate them as phlegm, mucus, etc.

It is important to go through this detoxification, because, although you may feel slightly uncomfortable during the process, afterwards you experience a new level of vitality. This process of detoxification is also called a “healing crisis”. The famous homeopath, Constantine Hering, made a clear distinction between the symptoms of a healing crisis and those of a disease crisis. Unfortunately, we often confuse a healing process with a disease process, and suppress it with medication. This only makes the body weaker and more vulnerable to disease.

When you experience a healing crisis, assist the process (by drinking lots of liquids, keeping warm, resting and exercising for lymphatic movement) to promote the rapid elimination of any toxins and disease elements that are manifesting themselves as phlegm, catarrh, mucus, running nose, enlarged tonsils, fever, etc. This is nature’s way of righting some internal wrong. It is also known as the “reversal process”. Whatever has been suppressed in the body for years liquefies and is eliminated through the normal elimination channels. Initially, during a healing crisis, you may feel a lack of energy. This is almost always because your body is cleansing, restoring, etc. at deep cellular levels, and is using a lot of energy during this period of detoxification.

This only makes the body weaker and more vulnerable to disease. When you experience a healing crisis, assist the process (by drinking lots of liquids, keeping warm, resting and exercising for lymphatic movement) to promote the rapid elimination of any toxins and disease elements that are manifesting themselves as phlegm, catarrh, mucus, running nose, enlarged tonsils, fever, etc. This is nature’s way of righting some internal wrong. It is also known as the “reversal process”. Whatever has been suppressed in the body for years liquefies and is eliminated through the normal elimination channels. Initially, during a healing crisis, you may feel a lack of energy. This is almost always because your body is cleansing, restoring, etc. at deep cellular levels, and is using a lot of energy during this period of detoxification.

Use Natural Products For Glowing Skin

Use Natural Products For Glowing Skin

52Nature has given human being that they need for their survival. Though everything is available in the nature for free, most of the people always rush for the artificial products and end up with multiple problems. If you are one of them, who has received adverse effects of the artificial beauty products and want to appear beautiful, you should switch over to the natural products. Experts have always given preference to the natural products than any artificial products. Therefore, if you have the desire of appearing most beautiful and glowing, you can check out the natural products available for enhancing the beauty of your skin.

If you want to appear stunning, you need to ensure your skin is healthy. Without a healthy and glowing skin, it will never be possible for you to get the look that you have always desired. To make your skin glow, it is always better to follow the beauty tips and suggestions that are provided by the experts. Nowadays, many people, especially the young ladies’ make a common mistake. They just check out any beauty tips available on the web and apply it on their skin. In doing so, most of the times they end up with multiple rashes and pimples, which affects their look badly.

There is a conception that women only have the desire of looking attractive and want to be the center of attraction. But this is not completely true. Men also have the same desire. They also want to be the show stealer and try out several ways of improving their looks. Both men and women need to take care of their skin if they have the desire of appearing beautiful. If you want to enhance your beauty, it will always be better for you to apply herbal or natural products on your skin rather than the artificial ones. Artificial products have different types of chemicals, which make them unsafe for use. Therefore, if you are careful about your skin and want to appear beautiful, you should not use these products.

Nowadays, you can find several natural beauty tips on the internet. You can check the authenticity of these tips and can follow them to appear more beautiful. When you are collecting any beauty tips from the internet or from different magazines, it will be best for you to check the credibility of the source. Always trust the suggestions and tips of the experts. If you apply any of the tips you found handy, you might not be able to get the desired beauty.

When you are considering about the ways of looking beautiful, you should give importance to the complete detoxification of your body. Always remember, the suppleness of your skin will be found when it will be healthy. If your skin is unhealthy, it will not be possible for you to get the desired elegance. A skin that does not shine and have rashes or pimples will not attract anyone. To make yourself beautiful, always give importance to the detoxification process of your body. Also apply natural products on your skin so that your skin remains beautiful ever.

Bikram Yoga Skin Benefits

Bikram Yoga Skin Benefits

Young woman exercising yoga

Bikram yoga or hot yoga helps you accomplish your ideal body weight. It also helps you to improve your flexibility. Bikram yoga maintains your correct posture for that younger look. But are you aware that there are also several benefits of Bikram Yoga for your skin?

A hot yoga can help in cleansing and detoxifying your skin. Detoxification is essential for beauty. It is the process that leads to a flawless, blemish-free skin. Bikram Yoga has to be performed in a heated room and that is where all the benefits start coming in. When you do sessions of hot yoga, it creates the feeling that as if you are inside a sauna room. Once you break out in sweat, the cleansing process takes place. Profuse sweating gives your skin a radiant glow. Bikram yoga also improves the circulation of your blood that helps you get rid of the toxins in your body. Here are some tips to boost the beneficial effects of yoga on your skin:

Water should be your favorite drink. Water is the best source for hydration. It also oxygenates and hydrates your skin, causing it to be smoother.

Avoid eating excessive foods. Here’s a quick tip, eat for nourishment, not for your taste buds.

Have a healthy and active lifestyle by exercising regularly.

Be cheerful all the time. Laughter is the best medicine and happiness is beauty.

Avoid over exposure to the sun. Always apply sun screen.

Have an oil massage at least once a month. This improves your blood circulation resulting in radiant, glowing skin.

Make sure to have eight hours of sleep every day. It regenerates, replenishes and rejuvenates your skin. Thus the term “beauty sleep”.

Keep a healthy stomach and digestive track. Eat foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber helps the body get rid of these free radicals and toxins. A toxin-free body definitely shows in the skin.

Bikram yoga or a hot yoga practice helps reduce your stress. It is also capable of providing the complete relaxation your body’s craving for. Some of Bikram yoga’s poses helps you treat or avoid diseases by strengthening your immune system. Hot yoga can also help you in having a beautiful skin. It cleanses and detoxifies your body through sweating. Detoxification improves your blood circulation that throws away the toxins in your body. But to be more successful in the process, you must also maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Remember, a healthy body means a healthy skin.

Abbey Reynolds is a reputable yoga instructor in North Dakota. A practitioner for 8 years and has been teaching since 2006. She has recently developed a site to serve as a guiding path to all who want to learn and practice yoga.