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Let the Detox Begin

Let the Detox Begin

50It’s the time of year where everyone doesn’t feel their best. Over the party season, most of us have drunk and ate a little too much and now we are feeling tired and probably a little heavier. So what better time to start looking after ourselves in preparation for the summer months. But it doesn’t have to be all sweat and tears. There are simple things that can be preformed to make us feel on top form again without nearly killing ourselves doing exercise or eating unsatisfying healthy food.

And this comes in the form of body care and cosmetics. By pampering ourselves and taking more attention to our appearance, we can not only improve the way we look, but the way we feel. There are plenty to choose from for all types of skin types and budgets. This is the time to buy cheap cosmetics online with all the January sales giving you great offers that you would be silly to refuse. It allows you to use new ranges that you may not have used before. A great beauty range is MD skincare which is becoming very popular all over the world.

It’s not just beauty and cosmetics that can make you feel like a million dollars but teeth whitening products can work wonders. After all the overindulgence of the holiday season, and the drinking of mulled wine, our teeth could be looking slightly dull and dreary. By whitening your teeth, you can bring them back to life and make your smile shine. This is great for making you look and feel like you have been on a detox without doing all the hard graft.

But its not all for the woman, as men are now taking more of an interest in their looks. There are numerous men’s skin care products that are available from eye liner for guys to facial anti-wrinkle creams giving men the chance to improve the way they look.

So let your detox begin with a little pampering with beauty products and cosmetics for men and woman.

Lung Detox and Preventing Lung Cancer Due to Smoking

Lung Detox and Preventing Lung Cancer Due to Smoking

49Lung cancer is just one of the serious illnesses that can be contracted through smoking and tobacco. Although it is possible for non smokers to get lung cancer, 9 out of 10 people who die of lung cancer are smokers. Obviously quitting smoking is a step in the right direction for avoiding getting lung cancer but it is still no guarantee against it. The main reason for this is that many of the chemicals and toxins that cause lung cancer through smoking can remain present in the lung tissue for many years. One estimate is that it can take up to 10 – 15 years for the body to remove these toxins naturally in your average smoker.

This was the worry for me when I quit after 25 years of heavy smoking. As happy as I was at managing to stop, I was more than aware of the damage I must have already caused to my lungs and so at the back of my mind I just had this fear that I was still at high risk of dying of lung cancer. So much so that I almost began to think ‘well what’s the point. It’s probably too late for me now.’ I almost started smoking again after a few weeks.

It’s at this low point that I decided to take some action and do something positive to not only help my body but also mind. My wife had quit smoking about a year before me, and to her credit had never once put any pressure on me to quit, just saying that I would quit when I was ready. Well one step that she had taken was to do a simple lung detoxification to help remove the toxins from her lungs & body. It was just something that she did at home and I remembered her following a guide for a few weeks which she swore by. So that’s what I decided to do too.

This method clears out the lungs at a much quicker pace which not only helps with the quitting smoking process but also helps to prevent lung cancer. Lung Cancer actually can begin as soon as the lung cells are exposed to the cancer causing chemicals in smoke, so a major factor with contracting it is the length of time you have smoked. The toxins actually create abnormal cells which over time can turn cancerous. If the toxins are removed then this allows the cells to begin to be replaced again by normal healthy cells and so decreases the chance of cancer. Removing these toxin quicker allows the cells to replace themselves quicker.

Since doing the lung detox, I have to say I haven’t looked back. I feel healthy, I don’t smell of stale smoke, my skin is bright and clean looking, not grey and lack luster like it used to be. Life is so much better now.

Quick Detoxification Program

Quick Detoxification Program

48It is beauty that captures attention and personality which captures heart. Beauty gets more reaction and more interaction. When you feel you look beautiful you are uplifted from inside, creates confidence in yourself. Having beautiful and healthy skin is a first visible sign of being beautiful.

Food is an important part of a balanced diet which reflects directly on your skin. Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating healthy, nutritious food gives magnificent joy to life and contributes immensely to the glow of your skin making you feel good about yourself.

Our body is like a warship, constantly bombarded with toxins, which enter our bodies via the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. These toxic missiles damage our bodies, by entering the bloodstreams. The consequence is premature aging.

Our body has a wonderful defense mechanism, but it needs to be constantly serviced. Toxins weaken the immune system and the body turns vulnerable to various diseases. Therefore, we need to detoxify. There are a lot of commonly available foods that can help to detoxify.

Carrots and beets are extremely beneficial, as they contain antioxidants, bioflavinoids and carotenoids, which have a healing and cleansing effect. Seafood is rich in amino acids and taurine, which are two essential nutrients required for the removal of toxic chemicals from the body. Wheat grass juice and alfalfa seeds contain chlorophyll, which act as a tonic. A glass of lime juice in warm water (first thing in the morning), assists in cleansing the body.

Let us go on a ONE week detoxification program and see the effects of detox:

o On waking up: two glasses of lukewarm water
o At breakfast: fruits (avoid bananas and mangoes if you want to detoxify and lose weight at the same time). A cup of herb tea after half an hour
o Lunch: any amount of cooked vegetables (in 1 tsp oil) along with raw salads
o Evening: a cup of herb tea
o An hour later: 1 glass lime juice or mixed fruit like orange, sweet lime or apple/vegetable juices like cucumber juice, tomato juice, carrot juice or mixed vegetable juice like beetroot, spinach, and tomato and carrot
o Dinner should be eaten by 7 pm. Any amount of cooked vegetables either steamed or with regular seasoning (ie. Ginger garlic + onion + tomato) in 1 tsp oil and raw salads
o Liquids consumed during the day include, water, herbal tea, coconut water, lime, fruit or vegetable juice, freshly prepared (not canned) and taken within 20 minutes of preparation
o Oil: only 2 teaspoons daily (preferably olive oil, mustard oil or sesame seed oil) and salt according to taste

At the end of this week you should see a radiant you standing in front of the mirror, you will feel lighter and much more energetic. And guess what? It could also be the secret to a younger looking you!

Avoiding Lung Cancer Using a Home Lung Detoxification

Avoiding Lung Cancer Using a Home Lung Detoxification

47As well as a whole host of life threatening illnesses, lung cancer is the then most common and serious illness caused by smoking. Although it can be contracted by non smokers, it is almost exclusively smoking related and in fact 9 out of 10 fatalities from lung cancer are smokers. Although stopping smoking does have a beneficial effect against getting lung cancer it does not completely eradicate the chances of an ex smoker dying from the illness. Unfortunately for the ex smoker, the harmful toxins that are released into the lung tissue through smoking can in fact remain present for between 10 and 15 years after the last cigarette and although the body will eventually break them down it can be a very slow process.

This was a particularly worrying fact for me because having been a heavy smoker for 25 years I knew that my lungs would be in a very bad condition and so the prospect of firstly the chances of not being able to repair the damage caused and then secondly getting lung cancer were quite possible if not inevitable. So how was I going to set about this dilemma?

Having managed to quit smoking about 12 months before me, my wife had given me plenty of encouragement to quit. She hadn’t made a fuss about it, but had experienced the benefits first hand of living a smoke free existence. One measure that she had taken to help her quit smoking was to do a simple home lung detoxification. The purpose was two fold; Firstly to help quit smoking and control cravings, but secondly to remove the toxins from the lungs and reduce the chances of getting lung cancer in the future. She was convinced that the lung detox was the final piece of the jigsaw for her quest to quit for good, and quit she did.

My understanding is that the lung detoxification speeds up the removal of toxins dramatically, meaning that rather than taking many years for the bodies natural defences to break them down, the lung detoxification takes just weeks. When you smoke then cells in the lungs become abnormal very quickly, and if a smoker continues to smoke for many years these cells increase in number and can eventually lead to lung cancer. When the toxins causing these abnormalities are removed then quite quickly the body can replace these abnormal cells with normal healthy ones and so lead to better health and a massive reduction in the chances of lung cancer.

I’m so pleased that I followed the simple detoxification plan and have now been quit for 6 months, my lungs feel crystal clear and I’m enjoying life to the full.

Detox Your Body For a Beautiful Skin and Body

Detox Your Body For a Beautiful Skin and Body

46Feeling sluggish? Do you have a recurring headache? If you feel these symptoms, your body may have too much toxins. Toxins build-up in the body can cause many health issues. Based on research findings, these are some of the health problems caused by toxins build-up in your body:


Frequent fatigue and low energy

Acne and other skin problems


Recurring headaches

Weight gain

Where do toxins come from?

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins. There are toxins in the water we drink and bath in, the food we eat, the polluted air we breath in, and the chemicals from the beauty, household, and personal care products we use.

The main organs in our body such as the kidney, livers, bowels can do a good job of filtering and eliminating the toxins. But when your body contains too much toxins, the major organs such as the kidneys, livers, and bowels get overloaded and cannot efficiently remove all of the toxins.

Toxins can wreak havoc to the body and it can lead to serious health issues, including skin disorders such as acne. To have a healthy body and skin, you should remove these harmful toxins from the body regularly.

Daily measures we can take to remove toxins and prevent toxins build-up
Here are the steps we can take to remove and prevent toxins build-up in our body.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day – Drinking water hydrates the skin and helps to remove the toxins from the body. To make it more effective, you should squeeze lemon juice and add honey.

Practice deep breathing daily – Deep breathing is known to help remove toxins and can lead to other health benefits.

Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed food – The food we eat today contains lots of hormones and pesticides. It is best to eat fresh, organic, and unprocessed food as much as possible.

Consume lots of fibers by eating apples and oatmeal – Fibers are very effective at cleansing the colon inside the body of toxins.

Exercise – Exercise promoting sweating, which helps to remove the toxins through the skin.

Get a water filter for your shower head – The water we shower and bath in contains chlorine as well as other toxic metals that can cause dry skin and dry hair. It is recommended to get a water filter for your shower head. Click here for review of the top water filter.

By following the above guidelines, you have a good foundation for a healthy body and skin. However, you may have to take tougher measures to remove the toxins if your health is not in good shape.